"I had an absolutely brilliant couple of days shooting with Perry during the England leg of my Europe tour. Perry chose some fantastic and varied locations to shoot at and showed me around the English countryside on the way. He is also a fantastic collaborator who welcomes input from the model. I really enjoyed such a collaborative approach in working together to make the best of each location. Perry was very professional and respectful at all times, but also personable and great company during the shoot. I really look forward to working with you again on a future occasion, Perry! :)"
- Sylph Sia 18/10/17

"I had my first shoot with Perry and it was a fab one :) We shot in three separate locations on Dartmoor. Perry is a lovely guy and he has some great ideas and gives really good direction - and he even bought me an ice - cream!! :) We had a great time, discovered we had a mutual love of Monty Python's The Holy Grail and shot for around 6 hours! His images are stunning and he's a genuine, down to earth, chatty guy. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you Perry :)"
- Katie 03/09/17

"This was my 2nd shoot with a Perry and I was very much looking forward to it after the success of our first shoot in Cornwall earlier this year. Perry picked a perfect location and once again his pre-shoot comms and organisation was excellent. He brought a generous bag of food and drink to keep us going throughout the day and drove me to one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches I've ever been to. Perry is great company and I really enjoy working with him because he is friendly, enthusiastic, professional and gives great feedback and direction throughout the shoot. We got really excited when we found bits of a wreck and Perry let me try out a few ideas I had with accessories and props I'd brought along. In short, I 100% highly recommend Perry and his images are exquisite. I really hope to work with him again in the not too distant future. Thanks for a wonderful day :)"
- Melany 25/08/17

"It was lovely to work with Perry again on a recent shoot at some interesting locations alongside two other art nude muses. I enjoyed the day very much - Perry is great to work with, he has a kind, calm presence, a sense of humour and an eye for natural beauty. The shoot was well planned and Perry gave good directions, no easy task when working with three models. I'd happily work with Perry again and highly recommend him to other models."
- Rebecca Tun 23/08/17

"I shot with Perry again recently (this time along with another photographer, and modelling alongside Rebecca Tun and Ivory Flame). It's always a total pleasure to model for him - he's friendly and lovely to talk to, laid back, imaginative and creates really beautiful photos. What more could I want? :-)"
- Ella Rose 28/07/17

"I always enjoy my adventures with Perry in to the South West. Perry is one of the nicest photographers you can work with! very professional, caring, creative and talented. This year was the first time it ever rained but we still managed to get out a capture some brilliant shots.Perry is always very prepared and knows the locations really well so there is never any problems and helps towards a relaxing day.I hope to plan another session with Perry again.Highly Recommended!"
- Elle Beth 26/06/17

"WOW!! where to start with our shoot ?....... Perry and I shot together years ago which is still a very memorable shoot for me, the locations, the company, the images were all just perfect! WELL, out latest shoot just blew that one out of the water. My goodness. We planned the shoot in advance and Perry sent me the locations, the ideas, the plan etc well in advance so I knew what we were doing, where and what I needed to bring (which wasn't much haha). Perry had scouted some incredible locations and they absolutely took my breath away. He came so prepared with snacks (healthy ones too), drinks and a map too hehe incase we got lost. The day was such an experience from start to finish and the images produced totally show how epic the day was. I felt 100% comfortable with Perry and that shows, I was in my zone just free-flowing with each environment and together we worked tirelessly to ensure we got WOW images. I really won't ever forget this shoot, nor the first but it was an exceptional day :D Thank you so much Perry, hope it's not the last."
- Tillie x 08/06/17

"I was looking to do a beach art nude shoot in Cornwall, and I'm overjoyed that Perry and I have just finished a very successful and exhilarating 5 hour shoot! Perry was amazing with his pre-shoot comms and as soon as I saw his portfolio I knew that the shoot was going to be a great one. We met at a fairly inaccessible beach in North Cornwall and scrambled down to do some cliff and rock shots whilst we waited for the tide to go out. Perry has a fantastic eye for lining up shots and using body shapes to compliment the natural surroundings and this is exactly what I had hope to get out of the shoot. He's really easy going but motivated and enthusiastic and gave a newbie like me great pointers and direction but also let me try out a few of my ideas. We made a great team and had a really wonderful day on the beach - we only decided to call it a day because we were joined by holiday makers but I'm pleased about this as I'm hoping it'll mean I get to shoot with Perry again ;) Thank you so much Perry :)"
- Melany 28/05/17

"A wonderful day shooting with Perry down on Exmoor! Beautiful locations provided the backdrop for a perfect day creating images together. We started early and covered various locations, where we both contributed ideas to achieve images that we were both satisfied with.
It was a fun day and Perry was awesome company. Genuine and down to earth with a true passion for photography. I would highly recommend him and shall be shooting again with him in the near future. Thank you"
- Elaine Blue 24/05/17

"I had my first shoot with Perry last week. Perry being a complete and total gentleman and the beautiful nature of Devon made it to a blast of a shoot! We spent two entire days hiking and shooting in the woods and hills, on desolate rocky and not so desolate sandy beaches. Perry was always very friendly, very polite and respectful and just a great guy to be around. With him I felt very well looked after in Devon. We discussed ideas before the shoot, but also improvised a lot with locations, props, themes and ideas. Perry is a very creative photographer, and we were bouncing ideas off each other all the time. No surprise that this resulted in beautiful images that I am very pleased with! All the scrambling over rocks and brambles in the cold wind and rain proved worth it :) I think I rediscovered my passion for hiking in the wilderness too. I would highly recommend Perry without any hesitation to any model."
-Lorelai 21/05/17

"Perry is a wonderful chap! I was super looking forward to working with him because I had already heard so many great things about him as a person and photographer. We were able to conduct our shoot at a grand country house location and Perry was a joy to be around from start to finish. We managed to get through a ton of different shoot sets and be made a big effort to look after me with good food, music and chilled conversation. If you are looking for a skilled and talented but also effortless photographer to work with then definitely book a shoot with this chap! Thankyou so so much for a wonderful day; hope we can work together again if you have the time. Lola"
- Lola Fae 27/01/17

"Really really lovely guy! Had a great shoot on Dartmoor which was really fun and had a brilliant day shooting art nudes. He was really good at giving me direction and a very knowledgeable photographer. Had one picture back already and it's beautiful I'm really excited to see the other pictures! I love his style and hope to work with him again soon."
-Cutegirl 31/07/16

"Perry shoots in the genre that I really love, art nude in the landscape, so I broke all my own rules and got up at stupid o' clock to work with him, because I knew that he would have a good location and make beautiful images.... The beach was lovely and quiet enough to do what we'd planned, and I love being in the great outdoors... Perry is highly recommended by me for being a very classy photographer, and simply a lovely person."
- Natural Happy Girl 25/06/16

"Spent a day with Perry this weekend shooting indoors in Exeter, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day! He has a very kind nature and makes you feel totally at ease in his company, he shoots at a nice relaxed pace making sure to get everything exactly how he wants it too. :)

We had good chats throughout the day and it's made me far too excited for this summer and getting outdoors again, which I hope to do with Perry too when I next visit :) Just a generally lovely day, and from what I saw we got some beautiful images too. Highly recommended and hope to work with him again!"
-Rachelle Summers 20/01/16

"Had a really lovely shoot with Perry recently, on a warm sun kissed beach in North Devon. It had been around 6 years after we first shot together almost like a reunion of location and good times. Over the years Perry and I have remained good friends with plenty of great adventures, creative, and fun shoots. Each adventure full of humour, whilst talking about the good things in life : )

Without stumbling across Perry's advert for an art model to shoot with back then, I wouldn't have had the wonderful experience of meeting this awesome chap and the journey of developing as an art model. I whole heartedly recommend working with Perry if you get the chance. Organised, funny, and always a true gentleman.
Thank you Pezzer! Looking forward to shooting again in the new year!"
-ErinX 30/10/15

"Perry and I had a lovely full day shoot on Dartmoor late summer, scooting about to various locations.. I have just had the pleasure of looking through the beautiful images.. the composition & processing really emulates the tranquility down by the river.. and the cold, windy Wuthering Heights feel up on the moors later in the day. Perry is such a delight to work with.. he is super friendly, professional, positive, calming.. so lovely to spend a day with creating images.. we chatted as much as we shot pictures; about mindfulness, the effects of positive thinking, angles & perspective whilst planning shots, where to go next.. a really productive day and I love the result :) Highly recommended and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.. thanks for a great day x"
- Chiara Elisabetta 29/09/15

"Another quick shoot with Perry! Lovely to have squeezed in a quick jaunt with him down to a highly instagram-worthy(!) little beach in Cornwall while I was in the area. I always enjoy working with him and recommend him fully. You always know you'll be taken somewhere beautiful, interesting, or usually both! I think we got lots of beautiful shots again. Thank you!" - Ella Rose Muse 27/04/15

"I had a very exciting two days with Perry last week! I knew we were shooting on location but the places Perry finds are just so special and unique it really made the two days unforgettable. Perry is a complete gent and made sure i was completely looked after during my stay, i was very happy to be "let free" among the rocks and do some real climbing to create some very beautiful photos. Pre-comms where excellent and ive loved the photographs ive seen so far! Really looking forward to our next shoot which i hope is very soon!Highly Recommended!" - Elle Beth 19/04/15

"I got to work with the talented Perry a few months back and he was well worth a long drive. Perry took me to some amazing locations in his beautiful part of the World. Perry is a joy to work with & made sure I was kept fed (with jelly babies ) and watered - tho the early shower by the waves I could have done without! I thoroughly recommend to all & I hope Perry will extend an invite to Devon again to me x." - JoJo 28/12/14

"Yet another wonderful shoot with the lovely Perry! I always get rather excited to shoot with Perry again - he was one of the first photographers to ever shoot me (back on 2009) and has continued to support me throughout my journey- always there with encouraging words and a smile. It's always fun to talk about past shoots and see myself change over the years we have worked together. We took some stunning images in the few hours we had (in between the catching up) and I can't wait for the next shoot! Thank you Perry"" - Artemis Fauna 19/12/14

I always know I'll enjoy shooting with Perry, tootling around between beautiful locations where nature rules! He is someone I hope to continue working with again and again! I always feel that my efforts are very appreciated while modelling as he is so kind and encouraging - enthusiastic about what he sees through the lens. He tries to capture beautiful moments in settings related to myth, history or natural beauty, and that is something I find a pleasure to be involved with. I look forward to the next!" - Ella Rose 30/09/14

"Well I had the chance to work with Perry for the second time now, this time we traveled to Cornwall! I had a fabulous time and so much fun as always. He always finds the most beautiful locations. if you ever get a chance to work with Perry, take it!! you won't regret. im really looking forward to seeing are results! Highly recommended as always." - Sara Christy 28/08/14

"Shoots with Perry just keep getting better and better. We set out on our 4th shoot on sunny dartmoor and began our shoot at the best location ... ever! We worked hard for 6 hours to produce an earthy, artistic set of images that incorporated art nude,beauty and fashion. The project is coming along very nicely!" - Rosa B 18/05/14

"I worked with Perry many years ago not long after I started modelling, and what a lovely chap he was. So easy to get on with, considerate and professional to work with, and produced beautiful images. It doesn't surprise me that he has such glowing references!" - Natural Happy Girl 22/04/14

"I had a wonderful shoot yesterday with the amazing Perry! We were able to work as a great team to capture some artistic, beautiful images. I am really looking forward to the next shoot and to embark further on this project. Highly recommended due to Perry's professionalism, creativity and skill. Had a fantastic time and look forward to April." - Rosa B 16/03/14

Had a 2 days shoot with Perry in Devon. Wow awesome locations, with gorgeous views. It was one of the most amazing trips away from London I have ever made.......seeing nature at its finest. He ensured throughout my stay in Devon that I was well looked after and comfortable. He ensured I was safe and was there to guide me the whole time. It was an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with Perry, a complete gentleman and a true professional. As a person he is very approachable, down to earth and friendly. Will love to work with him again. I'll recommend him to all anytime!" - Faith Obae 31/08/13

"I had a two day shoot with Perry and absolutely loved it! Picked me up from my hotel, and drove us to the most beautiful locations, he really does his research! Made me feel really comfortable, and at ease so I could go for it fully and be the best I could be!
I think we defiantly got some really great shots together. Can't wait to see the results, and work with Perry again! Highly recommended!" - Sara Christy 17/08/13

"I worked with Perry in May on my tour in Somerset. We arranged to work on location and Perry picked me up from the station and took me to the most amazing location I've ever seen. Truly amazing and I couldn't wait to get started with posing on all the incredible props (rocks etc) around.
It was a very cold in the water and Perry was very considerate of my wellbeing and had brought food & drinks etc. and even lent me his coat to keep me a bit warmer! Such a talented photographer and we got some outstanding images that I can't wait to see. Recommended? Most definately!!" - Tillie 10/07/13

"Worked with Perry yesterday. He was a lovely guy and gave great direction to a newbie to art-nude model such as myself. Would recommend." - Alisa_Rae 19/06/13

"Just finished the shoot with Perry, which was amazing, and felt I was looked after. He was a pleasure to work with and found the most incredible location with confidence. So much so, that the wind and rain didn't seem to matter. Perry is an extremely creative photographer. He made me feel at ease from the start and gave clear direction throughout the shoot, whilst letting me have a considerable input. Would highly recommend him to others and will be working with him again in the near future! So many great shots from today which is going to make it difficult to choose the favorites. :-)" - Bridget 11/05/13

"I knew I was going to enjoy working with Perry from the moment we started corresponding because he came across as cool and highly sensible and aesthetically aware. I had an incredibly fun time shooting with him over two days - Perry really knows some stunning locations and he took me to some places which will stick in my memory forever. It was great to work with him because he's both easy-going and efficient and good company. We achieved some striking images in a short space of time despite the challenging terrain and conditions. Perry is just a really great, smart and considerate photographer and I can say for sure that any model who works with him will get a lot out of it." - Rebecca Tun 09/10/12

"After two more shoots (another one of which spanned two days) can only confirm that he is a wonderful gentleman to work with. He has a definite interest in the romantic/classical side of things, which suits me very well, and despite our much-planned most recent trip ending up falling at a time when I felt a bit unwell, I think we created some really beautiful images thanks hugely to the wonderful locations Perry manages to find. He also goes out of his way to look after a model in terms of providing drinks and snacks, which is much appreciated. I've got no hesitations whatsoever in recommending him, and of course very much hope to model for him again sometime!" - Ella-Rose 25/09/12

"I have worked with Perry around four times now and I can only say what a pleasure it has been every time! Perry is a real gentleman and great to work with. The images are always lovely and we have shot at some great locations (in all kinds of weather-!)

We shot for the first time very early on in my career and he was very encouraging and hasn't stopped over the three years! :) Perry comes very highly recommended from me. I hope we can work together again! Thank you Perry :)" - Artemis Fauna 10/09/12

"Well this was a very interesting shoot with Perry. Initially we had planned to shoot on Dartmoor, but then learnt that the Ten Tors hike was in progress there, which meant loads of people, thus not very suitable for a nude shoot!

So Perry suggested a beautiful beach location he knows in North Devon, which turned out trumps. It was a long, enjoyable hike but well worth the effort, as the location was absolutely stunning. Perry was super to work with and we produced some very arty, abstract shots as well as some stunning images that showed the beautiful rock formation off and my nude figure off to perfection.

Would recommend Perry to any model. He has a lovely sense of humour and very professional attitude - Ze Great Big Shoot was a Big Success! Thank you so much Perry!" - Suzy Monty 15/05/12

"I worked with Perry while I was touring the South Coast this month. He was kind enough to pick me up as I didn't know the area, knew some absolutely breathtaking locations in which to shoot, and even brought snacks and hot drinks!! I had a great time shooting and just regret that we didn't have longer. Can't wait to see the images! :D" - Roswell Ivory 21/03/12

"Thank you for a great shoot! I felt very comfortable and at ease with Perry, very friendly :-) He is so creative and knows what he wants, he is great with direction and I love the images he produces. Very highly recommended! xx" - Louise 09/10/11

"I adore Perry's Work. He is a very, very talented photographer. He has some great ideas and even if we had to hike a cliff to get the images, it was worth every step! He is very kind, great at giving direction and an all round sweetheart to work for. I highly Recommend Perry to anyone. I look forward to seeing the latest images." - Emma Cops 20/09/11

"Another fabulous shoot with Perry, this time indoors. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy working with him, he is relaxed, complimentary and inspiring- I hope we get to work together again before too long." - Sammie B 23/08/11

"I worked with Perry at the last Stuart House event. Perry was a pleasure to pose for - he gave me a positive vibe as soon as he began talking! He really is a true gentleman whom has a passion to create art I feel our shoot although it was short, went really well and I look forward to seeing some of the results. It was a pleasure to have of met you Perry :) Take care." - Cassie 18/08/11

"I had the pleasure of working with Perry last weekend. Perry is a very relaxed photographer, everything just flows when shooting with him :) A true professional at capturing really beautiful art nude images. He directs very well and knows exactly what he wants from a picture. 1 hour was not enough with this lovely gentlemen. I do hope we get to work together again sometime in the near future and i look forward to seeing the finished results. Thanks again Perry." - Jade 14/08/11

"I had the pleasure of working with Perry at the recent Stuart House event. He is not only a warm and friendly person with a great sense of humour but also is a talented and accomplished photographer who I would not hesitate to work with again." - Gail 08/08/11

"Once again a successful shoot with the lovely Perry. I can only echo my previous words about him. A real gentleman and a photographer I would recommend to any model. I look forward to more shoots in the future, a real pleasure to work with. Thank you :)" - Artemis 17/07/11

"I'd whole-heartedly recommend working with Perry to other models. He was extremely organised and clear in his communication before our shoot, having scouted some wonderful natural locations in Cornwall which will undoubtedly make for some very special images (even if they did require a bit of nerve-wracking scrambling to get to!! ...Must work on my vertical drops...). A pleasure to model for - thoughtful, considerate and all-round good company. Fully intend to take him up on the offer of a future shoot sometime! :-)" Ella Rose 29/06/11

"I really enjoyed working with Perry over the weekend. Great photographer & great company. Thank you for inviting me along, would love to work with you again :) x." Jen - 23/05/11

"I had the pleasure of working with Perry, really wish we had worked together sooner! Communications were excellent and we went to a spectacular location. I felt very comfortable all throughout the shoot. He is a very talented photographer and I can't wait for our next shoot :) Highly recommended." Victoria Summers 18/04/11

"Perry was so nice to work with, great communication pre hand and was a gentleman, he even got on with my quirky personality. Perry is a very good photographer as he understands what he wants in an image, and has keen eye for the special ones that might slip by. I really enjoyed working with him, and looking forward to seeing the images again. Thank you Perry, would love to work with you again x." NikiMarie - 09/01/11

"I had the pleasure of working with Perry in the studio last weekend. Good communication prior and during the shoot that was relaxed and creative - great atmosphere. Friendly and professional photographer that I thoroughly enjoyed working with. I can recommend Perry and would be more than happy to work with him again. Many thanks!" Nympheae - 15/09/10

"I have worked with Perry on many occasions and have enjoyed every one! It is a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic, creative and talented photographer. He is very well organised and prepared with excellent communication. I am looking forward to many more adventures :)" Cody - 08/09/10

"Had the most sensational shoot with Perry this week, despite the terrible weather we persevered and created the most beautiful images i am so proud to be a part of and i simply cant wait to work with Perry in his exquisite locations again soon. Wonderful man with great artistic talents." Raphaella 24/08/10

"I really enjoyed working with Perry. As well as being very clear with giving the model direction, he is happy to incorporate other ideas and adapt them to his own when focusing on particular shots. I'd happily work with Perry again and would strongly recommend him to other models, really looking forwad to seing the results :)" Loella - 09/8/10

"I shot with Perry on location and he was very easy to work with, laidback and encouraged me to contribute ideas to the shoot, which I always enjoy. I would definitely work with him again :)"
Anita De Bauch (www.anitadebauch.com) - 26/6/10

"Perry and I worked together on a very last minute shoot on 24/6/2010! Firstly I will say Perry is kind, considerate, and extremely good to talk to. As well as bring a creative man and a great photographer he picked out a beautiful location for us to shoot in, which was inspiring for photography.
I would highly recommend him to any model to work with and really hope to work with you again! Best wishes,Helen xx" Helen Diaz - 25/6/10

"I have had the honour of entering the fine art world with Perry. From the very first point of contact he has been very polite , charming and considerate with a real passion for creating such outstanding work. He is very patient and gives it his all. Highly recommended. Here's to many more shoots. Can't thank you enough!" Erin - 28/5/10

"An artist with a calm, deep passion for genuinely capturing the beauty of his subject. It has been my great honor to accompany Imagesse on two shoots, both of which have been wonderfully creative ventures and deeply rewarding. A photographer of great skill and sensitivity - totally recommended to all fine art models." Babcom - 27/5/10

"I have just returned from a shoot with Perry and I had a really wonderful day. The shoot was outdoors and it was a little on the cold side. Perry was very considerate, encouraging me to take regular 'warm up' breaks and not rushing me into the next set at all. The photographs on the camera screen looked absolutely beautiful and I look forward to seeing them close up. Perry is a very talented photographer and I would recommend him without reservation. Thank you - Allegra" - 13/02/10

"I've worked with Perry twice now, he is passionate about his work, friendly, considerate and easy going, always eager to explore and collaborate with ideas, making it easy to feel compelled and involved with the work, and allowing for challenging, inspirational and enjoyable shooting. I look forward to creating more with him in the future and happily recommend him." Ivory Flame - 31/01/10

"Had another shoot with Perry today. Although it was short we decided to explore places to shoot when the weather warms up. Once again I had a great day, and a great laugh. Just because the weather wasn't up to scratch did'nt stop us from having a productive fun day. I am very much looking forward to working with Perry again soon (when the sun returns) Thanks again! :D xXx" - Artemis 30/12/09

"Just come back from my shoot with Perry. Had a wonderful few hours with him and loved every moment. Perry is a very kind, understanding photographer and good fun too, which always helps when nerves kick in. I was so relaxed I just saw the funny side when I got caught posing nude on a beach by some unsuspecting walkers!! Great day, can't wait to work with you again. Highly recommended! Thank you for helping me get one step closer to where I want to be x" Artemis - 13/09/09

"Worked with Perry the other day. Really professional, was very enthusiastic, he made me feel really comfortable and respected my wishes. Got some great images on the day and would love to work with him again. I recommend him to anyone who wants to do quality fine art figure work. Great day." Magenta - 06/08/09

"I worked with Perry a few years back - very professional attitude and excellent work - an absolute gentleman and highly recommended."
Natural_happy_girl (Jess) - 03/03/2009

"My favourite tog by far and away! Not only an amazing art nude photographer, a really lovely man with great patience and passion for what he does. If I could take pictures, I'd be copying you Perry..., must catch up again sooner rather than later x"
Yasmin Fisher - 20/02/2009

"Had a great shoot with Perry today shooting in some very cool locations. Nice collaboration of both our ideas, really enjoyable and very relaxed. Recommended!"
Ulorin_Vex - 23/09/2008

"Wow, fantastic and inspiring photographer. Can't wait to get the chance to work with Perry again. Thanks for the amazing pics!"
HollyVictoriaB - 01/07/2008

"I had a wonderful shoot with Perry last week. A true professional. Some excellent, well thought out locations coupled with great imagination and feeling for the images. A x"
Alexis Summers - 21/05/2008

"Perry was a real treasure to work with, he is down to earth and makes you feel at ease, a real gentleman, I enjoyed my day with him and would highly recommend him ...I hope I get the chance to work with him again soon."
Jay_Dee - 10/05/2008

"Perry is nothing less than a lovely person. I have worked with him 4 times now and his photography has come on leaps and bounds and even though he is now a fantastic photographer, he still remains down to earth and lovely! He is a true gent on shoots and wouldn’t say boo to a cow...literally! I would highly recommend you work with him if offered the chance!"
Jessie (Zara) - 11/03/2008

"I encourage models to work with Perry. I've shot with him twice and we got some fantastic results in some very unique and beautiful locations on the coast. He made me feel very comfortable and never rushed. Would love to work with him again."
Cody Richards - 12/02/2008

"Awesome photographer. fun, professional and a real eye for creating incredible imagery. Roll on our next shoot! Britney x"
Britney - 15/08/2007

"Perry was a pleasure to work with who was friendly and full of ideas, recommended!"
EmmaKate Dawson - 03/07/2007

"An awesome photographer, hoping to do outdoor shoots with the warm weather coming up!"
VictoriaC - 05/03/2007